Hello! My name is Kosal, pronounced similar to Nepal.

I’m a designer in Philly, also teaching as part of the adjunct staff at Drexel University.

  • Waiting...
  • Giddy Up
  • Scarlett Farm
  • Little Red
  • To the Moon!



Creatively document the first years of my first born without being cliché.


Solicit “theme challenges” from friends and actualize them through custom lighting, staged scenes and composite stock photography.

Full Set

  • Homepage
  • Secondary Page
  • Interface Detail

AT Paddles


How can interactive media properly represent a company that makes paddles for all sorts of kayakers?


Use lush photography to showcase the adventurous aspect of the brand. Useful features like a paddle recommendation tool help create a site meant for a wide audience.

  • Logo
  • T-shirt Design
  • Crest Hoodie Design
  • Military Firearms Patch
  • 10th Year Anniversary Design

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu United Apparel Design


With a limited printing budget, how can apparel designs appear familiar to a mixed martial arts audience in an original and fresh way?


Create one-color illustrations. I used aggressive, custom typography and imagery avoiding the clichés of skulls, angel wings, blackletter typography, painted textures, crosses, etc. The drawings rely less on a texture-driven aesthetic and use an almost logo-based, hard-edged, approach.

Wedding Invitations


Please my soon-to-be-wife.


I had to express the grandeur of a wedding, but do so with a personal touch of silliness. Combining different materials, I used foil-stamping for that formal aesthetic, drew custom maps, and topped it off with a spinning optical illusion kissy toy.

Sides Media Website


How can a budding new company appear creative, but at the same time, established?


Use illustrated type and hand-drawn portraits to show the creativity on top of a tight grid with a restrained palette for that buttoned-up look.

Caress Microsite


A promotional microsite for beauty-product pusher Caress needs to host special deals, events, and community-based features.


To combine all the given content under one art direction, I used a soft and colorful palette throughout. There's a variety of typefaces used in a modular layout, to keep it visually interesting, which also makes it flexible enough to accomodate imagery created by others.

  • Title Screen
  • Gameplay
  • Gameplay

Holiday Cheers Game


Represent an entire creative agency with an interactive piece meant to engage recipient clients. It needs to be holiday-themed, fun, and memorable.


Collaborate to create an simple but addicting game, spreading the spirits of the holidays. I was tasked with the design, photography, and programming of the game, working with teammates who contributed creative/art direction and animation details.

SAP Configurator Campaign


Using the SAP Configurator, an enterprise resource planning program, may seem like an enormous undertaking at first, but it's actually surprisingly easy. How can that be communicated?


Execute a fun but business-minded art direction by using solid bold colors, off-kilter shapes, and patterns. The campaign consists of showing games and tasks that normally would be challenging, but at a second glance, the solutions come easily.

TruMethods Members Portal


Businesses registered to training and consulting programming TruMethods need an efficient and user-friendly way to access training materials specifically catered to their needs.


Design an intuitive members portal which easily searchable content. For training, content is presented in a linear achievements-based system where company leads can monitor and manage employee progress. In addition to designing the portal, I developed the front end, including a lot of custom Ajax and jQuery-based interactivity.

  • Sunkist Microsite
  • Dr. Pepper Microsite

Sunkist, Dr. Pepper Microsites


Design exciting and promotional microsites for a few soda brands.


Make heavy use of brand colors and imagery, while keeping the details organized, accessible, and clear.

  • Homepage
  • Secondary Page
  • Detail

Mucinex DM Website


How can a pharmaceutical brand present information in an engaging and friendly manner?


Design a lively and illustrative site using the brand's well-known characters. Keep all information easily accessible while seamlessly integrating the animated shorts created by a 3D production studio.

Launch Site

  • Illustration
  • Anti-TV Campaign

In the recent years, I’ve released a few typefaces – some which have enjoyed featured “hot” rankings on MyFonts.

That interest in letterforms flourished from the years spent crafting custom logotypes.

  • Paal Logo



Autism is represented by a puzzle piece. PAAL's program helps autistic adolescents become more independent as they grow.


As you read it, the logo becomes less about autism and more about life.

  • Notes On Type Logo

Rufus Reid


The world-reknown evolving bassist needs a jazzy wordmark.


Draw a script logo that blends with the f-hole of a string bass, along with a visible but unassuming bass clef.

  • invincible Logo

“Invincible” Vince Papale


Former Philadelphia Eagle Vince Papale is now a public speaker.


Make the logo say football, but make it more about Vince as a person.

  • Wedding Invitations
  • Retirement Party Invitation
  • Baby Shower Invitation
  • Housewarming Invitation

Family Invitations


Create an unmistakably custom invitations.


Hand drawn type or hand-crafted screenprinting is the only way to go.

  • BJJ United



Create an elegant but masculine logomark for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu United.


What's cooler than a script made from barbed wire?

I’m the Philadelphia correspondent for the blog Brand New.

  • The Philadelphia History Museum

    This Just In: History is Coming Back… Sort of

    Before it closed down for renovations in 2009, to reopen in 2011, the Atwater Kent Museum of Philadelphia suffered from lack of exposure. A quick look at the original website reveals all you need to know about the old brand. The brutish…

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  • The Franklin Institute

    Solar Eclipse of the Heart

    The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia is a popular tourist attraction that’s within walking distance from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It’s a funhouse of exploratory hands-on science. Kids can chase each other inside a giant walk-in human heart…

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  • The Philadelphia Orchestra

    Music to my Eyes

    For a world-class organization, the Philadelphia Orchestra had an extremely banal logo. It wasn’t too disappointing, given that the core of their visual presence — event posters, outdoor advertising, banners and such — used this uninspired, safe method of art direction…

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  • City of Philadelphia


    We’ve all had our cases of personal disappointment when a logo redesign fails to properly reflect a brand that we love. It hurts for a while, we complain, sometimes it leads to change (Tropicana), but most of the time, we’re forced to get used to it and move on. This one will be hard to forget…

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  • The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage

    The Hue Center

    Based in Philadelphia, the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage is a collective of seven grant-making initiatives dedicated to supporting local artists and heritage organizations. Originally, each initiative had its own logo, lacking any consistency with the others. Because of that, there was no indication…

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Me Still not sure what I’m all about? Try downloading my resumé, or checking out the chart below. If not, you could always e-mail me with any questions or comments.

The Designer

What I doExpertiseDescription
Interactive Design10Many years of experience working with various agencies and small studios.
Photography7Good enough to sell on on iStockPhoto, but not for Getty.
Type & Lettering9If John Langdon approves, then why can’t you?

The Developer

What I doExpertiseDescription
Actionscript 6I once programmed an entire game with some pretty interesting physics.
HTML/CSS10Semantic markup, responsive layouts, and I won’t hesitate to use tables (when presenting tabular data, of course).
jQuery/Javascript10Graceful degradation, progressive enhancement, regular expressions, etc.
PHP/ASP/MySQL1With some guidance from a friend, I once wrote a very basic CMS from the ground up. Still learning.

The Nut

What I doExpertiseDescription
Bad Puns 10My site's bubble themed because I like to keep it poppin'
Breakdancing 5I can do Windmills and a maybe 2 rounds of Flares
Dumb Human Tricks 9Spit bubbles, moving my ears, juggling, balancing acts, you name it.
Violin6Paganini's Cantabile, anyone? I'm working on double stops.
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